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Essay on Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace - 2592 Words

Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace: Government Restrictions on Content in the United States of America (this essay is missing the url of each source cited) Information wants to be free. The Internet fosters free speech on a global scale.[1] Introduction The Internet provides a gateway for an individual to speak freely and anonymously without being targeted to what he or she said. With this said, one of the biggest issues concerning the Internet today is freedom of speech. The issue of free speech on the Internet has been a topic of discussion around the world within the past years. It is a unique communication medium and is powerful than the traditional media[2]. Because the Internet can not be compared equally to other mediums†¦show more content†¦Just as we have laws against dumping garbage on the interstate, we ought to have similar laws for the information superhighway[3]. The content that individuals can post on the Internet should be filtered and monitored to protect our children which make people feel uncomfortable. The dispute against this claim is that it takes away from the rights of adults which was concluded by the federal courts that it violates the free speech rights of adults by broadly prohibiting the knowin g transmission of indecent messages to minors and displaying patently offensive sexually explicit images in a manner available to children[4]. Some believed that restricting the content on the Internet will be problematic because it will only stifle the free flow of information, discourage the robust development of new information services and make users avoid using the system and Banning on-line anonymity would go much too far, stifling the 99 percent of legitimate speech in pursuit of the 1 percent of criminal speech[5]. The controlling of content on the Internet will disrupt the flow of information which will discourage individuals to use the Internet and oppress content that is truthful and valid. Background of the CDA There have been several attempts to govern the Internet such as the Communications Decency Act (CDA) and the Child Online Protection Act (COPA). The CDA was passed by congress on February 1, 1996 which is Title V of the United States TelecommunicationShow MoreRelated Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace Essay2116 Words   |  9 PagesFreedom of Speech in Cyberspace Introduction As the Internet has become more widely recognized and used by people all over the world, it has brought a new medium in which information can very easily be broadcast to everyone with access to it. In 1995 there was a projected 26 million Internet users, which has grown to almost 300 million today. One major problem with this is that everyone represents different countries and provinces which have different outtakes on certain types of freedomRead More Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace Essay2167 Words   |  9 PagesFreedom of Speech in Cyberspace Since the public has logged onto the internet there has been vast amounts of information available. Since the 1990s more and more countries have entered into the information age. Due to the lack of freedom of speech in several countries, censorship has now taken on a prevalent role in the suppression of information. Many countries view a great deal of information as a threat if put into the wrong hands and as a consequence attempt to reduce its availability.Read MoreCensorship on the Internet Essay908 Words   |  4 Pages1991, The Internet has become very popular in the United States. Although President Clinton already signed the 1996 Telecommunication ActI on Thursday Feb 8, 1996, the censorship issue on the net still remains unresolved. In fact, censorship in cyberspace is unconscionable and impossible. Trying to censor the Internet its problematic because the net is an international issue, there is no standard for judging materials, and censorship is an abridgment of democratic spirit. Firstly, censorship onRead More Free Speech on the Internet v. United States Constitution Essay1681 Words   |  7 Pagesyears in prison? This was answered on June 27, 1997 when the supreme court declared the CDA unconstitutional in the case Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union.(Greenhouse) Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said that free speech on the internet is held to be a freedom protected by the highest of laws, the constitution, specifically the first amendment.(Greenhouse) Like many other Americans the Justices agreed that it is important to try and protect our children from indecent material on theRead MoreRole Of Public Administrators During Protecting Civil Liberties823 Words   |  4 PagesRole of Public Administrators in Protecting Civil Liberties My overall reaction to the article written by Greenblatt, (2013), surrounding free speech was that of dismay because I would think that people would know what to say and what not to say. However, after reading the article, clearly with cyberspace it opens up several doors for hate speech, it opens door for people to just say anything without thought of being offensive or not, hateful or not, just because they can say it. According toRead More Internet - Exploring Our Inner-self in Cyberspace Essay1556 Words   |  7 PagesExploring Our Inner-self in Cyberspace Cyberspace is a new communication medium which enables us to understand our social behavior. In the ‘real world’ and ‘virtual world,’ we understand ourselves by developing aspects of our identity. However, in the virtual world, we can explore our inner-self without rejection that may be experienced in the real world. Cyberspace is, thus, a psychological ‘space’ to build and form, explore and discover, and accept and understand ourselves. To explain thisRead MoreNaval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division ( Nswc Pcd )1633 Words   |  7 Pagesof the Navy (DON) Chief Information Officer (CIO) issued a memorandum of distribution titled, Department of the Navy Information Management/Information Technology/Cyberspace Strategic Objectives for Fiscal Years 2014 – 2018. This brief three page document lays out six objectives for a strategic plan for the Navy’s IM, IT, and Cyberspace interests. My paper will look at two of those objec tives, reduce software application spending by 40 percent from FY13 levels and improve transparency, accountabilityRead MoreEssay on Information Warfare1278 Words   |  6 Pageshalt. Almost all our information is stored on some sort of computer, whether it be at DMV, our Insurance company, state and federal government, video rentals, and even the EZ-Pass. While in the reality everything may indeed be objective, things in cyberspace are subjective. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Type two is more on a corporate level bringing individuals together in mass and attacking their businesses. Businesses today are making more money than ever, producing more and more products. With thisRead MoreStudent Code Of Conduct And Employee Handbook867 Words   |  4 PagesCyberbullying â€Å"The jurisdictional line between the public, outside world and the schoolhouse gate is becoming less relevant, however, and physical barriers may no longer solve the problem of whether or not students can be punished for their on-campus speech.†(Boyd, 2010, p.1216). Cyberbullying is a serious offense in Beaufort County. Procedures require that employees transmit the complaint to the school officials or designated faulty to contact as soon as practicable. An investigation would be conductedRead More Cyberspace Hate Propaganda and Internet Censorship Essay1244 Words   |  5 Pagesoffered. The Internet allows hate groups to target a broad audience: impressionable children are the most vulnerable. Attempts at censorship fail because of the international nature of the Internet, and to a lesser extent, free speech contentions. Instead, the freedom of speech exercised by cyberhate groups can be applied by online anti-hate advocates to counter cyberhate. Educating youth is the most important tool against cyberhate, however. Teaching children to be critical of content on the Internet

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The United States Essay - 2623 Words

1. The Commonwealth They Served The weather was seasonally cold in Pennsylvania’s Capitol late in 1914. On Sunday morning, December 27, the temperature was 1 degree Fahrenheit. This reading was the lowest ever registered in the last month of the year during the almost three-decade history of the Harrisburg weather station. Nevertheless, the cold did not dim the spirit of the holiday season as the Harrisburg Evening Telegraph newspaper cheerfully proclaimed, â€Å"Perfect Christmas Makes City Happy.† During that week, Governor John K. Tener, in the last month of his term, released a legislatively mandated report that made history. The Report of the Economy and Efficiency Commission, for one of the very few times in Pennsylvania’s Chronicle, provided the public with a roster of all 5,152 state employees. The release of this document was a key milestone in the Commonwealth’s early 20th-century effort to improve its personnel management practices. By listing names, this document provides an opportunity to recognize the often-unheralded contributions of selected state employees assigned to organizations under the general supervision of the Governor. The register also affords an invaluable chance to appreciate how the offices, bureaus, and divisions make Pennsylvania work. Researching their efforts brought to light a collective commitment to assist the public. This attribute is a common virtue among Pennsylvania state employees, both past and present. It is the one thingShow MoreRelatedThe United States1368 Words   |  6 Pagesthat would affect the actions and history of the United States in the future. According to The Wordy Shipmates author Sarah Vowell, those colonists began the way the United States would be unique and not conform to what other countries do and this is shown in the actions the United States has taken throughout its history. Instead of conforming, most of the goals of the United States have been to allow o ther nations to conform to the United States’ image. Yet, those colonists who were being sent offRead MoreThe United States915 Words   |  4 PagesCheyanne Sitch Pod Cast 4 â€Å"The United States we stand at this moment at the summit of this world† –Winston Churchill. 1940 was the last year before the United States fully engaged themselves into the war. At this time the US was dealing with its 11th year of the depression. 1/7th of the population was unemployed at this time. This meant that nearly 14% of the workforce was unemployed in 1940 compared to the average of 17% in 1930. During this time the federal government did not maintain a povertyRead MoreThe United States949 Words   |  4 PagesIn the 1900’s, the United States has expanded their trading routes with oriental lands such as the Philippines. A striking speech, delivered by a first-term republican senator, Albert J. Beveridge, strongly advocates the annexation of the Philippine islands to the USA. The most striking points about the senator’s speech are his three poorly thought out reasons justifying Americans to colonize the Philippines, which were religion, pr ofit, and race. The reason was for the American imperialism, whichRead MoreThe United States1489 Words   |  6 Pages The Oxford Dictionary defines Wisdom as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. Looking over the history of the United States, it can be argued that as a nation, the U.S has grown wiser over the years. This due to the various obstacles that they’ve overcome. Many of which were conflicts that arose with other countries and, at one point, within itself. All of the decisions made during these times of tension and overall crisis, even though at the moment very difficult to getRead MoreThe United States1267 Words   |  6 PagesFollowing nearly six decades of severed diplomatic relations, President Obama announced in September 2015 that the United States would loosen a variety of economic restrictions on Cuba. This announcement came in the wake of a â€Å"diplomatic thaw† beginning in December 2014 with the intention of normalizing political, socia l, and economic relations between the two nations. While Cuba remains under restrictions imposed by the 1960 Cuban Embargo, the steps taken by the Obama administration represent aRead MoreThe United States1263 Words   |  6 PagesThrough political and racial attitudes that have persisted from our countries inception, these issues have evolved into the education system that is in place today, a system that is flawed and needs much revision. The Declaration of Independence states that all Americans are entitled to â€Å"Life, Liberty, and Property,† and while, in the modern era, it is widely believed that educations is part of those rights, this was not always the case. For example, the case that gave rise to one of the most infamousRead MoreThe United States995 Words   |  4 PagesIt has been a well-known fact that the United States has been a model example for the world since its inception. Through the course of time, the influence of the United States has slowly grown. The roots of this influence lie within the core of the United States government and have since branched out into language, the arts, food, and more (Zimmerman). While these aforementioned examples have largely come around in the past century, the origin of this process was first defined in around 1800 (Dictionary)Read MoreThe United States1489 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Over the centuries, the United States has developed a rich political culture which includes a number of center principles and standards that act as the foundation of American democracy. Not all Americans embrace similar perspectives, of course, but the vast majority agree and accept these collective values. The ideals of equality, unity, liberty, democracy, diversity and individualism are deeply a part of the institutional framework of society. Political disputes are inclined toRead MoreThe United States859 Words   |  4 Pagescapital or income for people, feeding families and providing fresh produce based on organic gardening and micro-farming projects. According to Smalls the unemployment rate in South Africa is around 25%, which is significantly higher compared to the United States unemployment of 5.4%. So, if people who are unemployed are willing to put in the hard work than, Abalimi Bezekhaya is a good fit for them. In particular, women typically do more of the domestic care like cooking and so being a part of the AbalimiRead MoreThe United States1980 Words   |  8 PagesThe United States continues to be in the spotlight, especially during an election year and specifically when it comes to immigration. Most recently I was intrigued by an article I read, titled â€Å" Articleâ€Å"that talked about the unprecedented number of unaccompanied children crossing our U.S. Borders illegally. What began as an intriguing subject that sparked my interest evolved into a desire to expand my knowledge on the subject of immigration, particularly these unaccompanied children crossing our

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Improving The Accessibility, Quality, And Efficiency Of...

By 2030, the 7th UN Sustainable Development Goal aims to improve the accessibility, quality, and efficiency of energy. While some of the targets are clearly defined, others use ambiguous terms, making them not truly measureable. Firstly, terms used in targets 7.1, 7.2, and 7.b are not clearly defined, making them not truly measurable. Being able to provide a service universally, implies that every person worldwide should have access to the service. This is neither reasonable nor measureable. The term ‘affordable’ is not clearly defined, therefore not measurable. Affordability differs depending on economic status. With over 13% of the world’s population below the poverty line, the definition of affordable varies and therefore needs to be†¦show more content†¦It also deals with the sociopolitical sphere, which makes it inherently complex to measure. For each target, different indicators of progress and metrics for measuring these indicators vary which makes them truly immeasurable because of how inaccurate they may be. Part 2 The targets are measured globally, but not absolutely. If we were able to truly measure these targets, there would not be controversy over the data. While the UN insists that the plan for eradicating poverty is on track, other studies suggest that the rate at which poverty is declining is not as rapid as is necessary (Reddy 485). For 7.1, it was measured that there are 1.4 billion people without access to electricity as well over 2.7 billion people that depend on dangerous sources of energy in 2010 (IEA). It was also found that the methods of measuring accessibility of energy are inaccurate, but â€Å"SE4All is planning to use a multi-tier metric for measuring access to electricity (Indicators and a Monitoring Framework.)†. The metrics for evaluating the global energy mix for 7.2 are also being improved upon and improvement of global renewable energy is monitored closely (IEA). Research shows the annual target rate for improving modern renewable energy is twice as much as what our actual growth rate is (World Bank). For 7.3, the rate at which global energy efficiency is improving is increasing, but not at the ideal rate. In fact, the current $400 billion in investments per year

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Developing and Sustaining an Ethical †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Developing and Sustaining an Ethical. Answer: Introduction: Taylorism proposed that the productivity of a company can be increased by optimising and simplifying the jobs of the workers. In fact, the managers and the workers need to cooperate with each other in order to advances in the business (Waring 2016). If Taylorism is applied in the recent working scenario in the countries like Australia or USA, it has to be said that it would act as a means of motivation for the employees. The concept can be directly applied to the fact that the employees an in organisation needs to be motivated in order to increase the productivity of the employees (Mortenson et al. 2015). The design of the script for the call centre is based on the fact that the employees should consider themselves in the shoes of the customers and understand the needs of the customers in order to provide better customer service and improve the productivity of the organisation. The idea of Taylorism is to adopt the scientific method to study and work and determine the most effective means to perform a particular task (Nyland et al. 2014). Thus, it can be said that rather than assigning nay particular work to the workers, it is better to match the workers with the capability and motivation and also train them that they would provide maximum efficiency in their respective work. It falls under the responsibility of the managers to come up with certain approaches that would eventually help to motivate the employees and that in turn will increase the productivity of the organisation (Witzel and Warner 2015). Taylors theory has been badly criticised during its time but Taylorism can find important applications in todays world as well. It is very important to carry out the business activities considering the scientific approach (Mortenson et al. 2015). For instance, it is very important to apply scientific knowledge to the manufacturing of cars or mobile phones or nay other thing. In such cases, the Rule of Thumb cannot hold true importance and what actually matters is the way the particular workplace operates (Nyland et al. 2014). The employees need to be motivated largely in order to gain effective outcome from them and in such cases, scientific way of treating the employees would not be effective enough. For example, the employees of the Google are given the opportunity to work according to their desire time and comfort. This has definitely acted as a means of motivation to these employees that lead to the success of the company. Toyotas cultural web Organisational culture has been described into seven dimensions depending on the values and beliefs of the organisation. The cultural model depends on the culture of the people and the relationship that the employees enjoy with the organisation. The car manufacturing giant has created its mark all over the globe and it is famous for the innovative means of technology that is used for the manufacturing of the cars (Paro and Gerolamo 2017). Thus, this particular organisational culture of Toyota can be termed as the achievement versus ascription dimension of the organisational culture. The organisational culture is designed in such a way that each and every employee of the organisation can participate in coming up with innovative approaches for the business. The organisation believes in the work of the employees and they are rewarded no matter how good or poor performers they are. On the other hand, the company believes that the employees should be valued irrespective of the designation or the role that they perform in the particular organisation (Chowdhury 2014). Some of the important organisational feature of Toyota are teamwork, continuous learning, increasing the quality of their product and organisational secrecy in order to remain competitive in the market. It is only in the presence of these principles, the success of Toyota can be determined. According to the cultural web model of Toyota, the employees have to face many challenges while operating in the market. Being a global leader, it falls under the responsibility of the leaders to maximise the human resource capabilities so that they can directly contribute towards the innovation of the business. As a car manufacturer, coming up with innovative ideas is the foremost requirement to remain competitive in the market where it operates (Schwartz 2013). The company also focuses on the quality of the product and believes that success can be achieved only by the means of improving quality of the service. Thus, it follows a culture where the people of the organisation follow a learning culture in terms of supporting problems and supporting the organisation in its innovative steps (Koren et al. 2016). This can be easily considered as the only effective way that has helped the organisation to achieve organisational and market success even in the presence of huge competition. Conclusion: With the detailed analysis, it can be easily said that Taylorism holds importance in the work culture of a number of organisations. However, scientific method cannot be applied to every organisation to increase the productivity but at times it requires motivating the employees that would eventually help to improve productivity. Toyotas model is largely based on the innovation and this is achieved only by the means of carrying out a learning process among the employees. The employees are given the opportunity to come up with their ideas that directly contribute to the innovative ideas and the success of the company. References: Chowdhury, S.D., 2014. Strategic roads that diverge or converge: GM and Toyota in the battle for the top.Business Horizons,57(1), pp.127-136. Koren, Y., Gu, X. and Freiheit, T., 2016. The impact of corporate culture on manufacturing system design.CIRP Annals-Manufacturing Technology,65(1), pp.413-416. Mortenson, M.J., Doherty, N.F. and Robinson, S., 2015. Operational research from Taylorism to Terabytes: A research agenda for the analytics age.European Journal of Operational Research,241(3), pp.583-595. Nyland, C., Bruce, K. and Burns, P., 2014. Taylorism, the international labour organization, and the genesis and diffusion of codetermination.Organization Studies,35(8), pp.1149-1169. Paro, P.E.P. and Gerolamo, M.C., 2017. Organizational culture for lean programs.Journal of Organizational Change Management,30(4). Schwartz, M.S., 2013. Developing and sustaining an ethical corporate culture: The core elements.Business Horizons,56(1), pp.39-50. Waring, S.P., 2016.Taylorism transformed: Scientific management theory since 1945. UNC Press Books. Witzel, M. and Warner, M., 2015. Taylorism revisited: culture, management theory and paradigm-shift.Journal of General Management,40(3), pp.55-70.

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Implementation of Project Essays - Economy, Project Management

Implementation of Project center850006426200 Muhammad noman1000000 Muhammad noman Hi leonard can you please fix this and re-send it to me Some parts of this project report are well done, but many parts need more detail or are missing altogether. The first 2 parts are good, but in the record keeping part you forgot to include the communication plan and the contingency plan (you need to add and explain how you used these). Parts missing: progress report financial statement doesn't include the Actual and Variance columns lessons learned Make sure you explain any variation in the project budget. You need to compare the objectives with the outcomes, not just list them. Once you have fixed these parts, re-submit. Administer and Manage Project Work Breakdown Structure Task Staff Resources Time Frame Design the overall structure of the product launch Operations Manager, Project Manager, Range Rover Marketing Manager Lunch and entertainment budget 3 months before product launch Secure venue Operations Manager, Project Manager, Range Rover Marketing Manager Lunch and entertainment budget, portion of project budget 4 months before product launch Contact media outlets, begin sponsorship arrangements Marketing Manager Lunch and entertainment budget 2 months before event Arrange Providers Cleaning, Security, Alcohol, Catering Contracts Manager Contracts 2 months before event Media Blitz Marketing Manager Marketing Budget Begin 6 weeks before and increase in intensity before the event Present event All Staff Operational budget Last minute instructions to begin in the final week and conducted on the day Clean up Cleaning Staff and Scaffolders Cleaning and take down budget day after event Event Review CEO, Exec Staff, Range Rover Exec staff Range Rover boardroom Week after event Remind staff of responsibilities Responsibilities are to be delegated to senior and middle management staff who have the responsibility to ensure that the program goes ahead smoothly and those that they are responsible for are made aware of their responsibilities. Responsibilities for individual staff will be practiced with a walk through of the event with staff including catering and security receiving a briefing before the event and middle management and senior management conducting a walk through prior to the event. All staff will participate in a series of meetings beforehand regarding company expectations. The flow of the events is to be understood by all staff with middle management providing important information on the day. If there are any issues during the day it is important that supervisors quickly act on any unexpected events and ensure the day goes ahead smoothly and all staff are made aware of their responsibilities and are capable of ensuring minor issues are quickly solved and such things do not affect the success of the day. Explain how you will provide support to your staff It is important that staff are aware of their line managers and approach them if they have any issues or concerns. It is also vital that line managers are effective communicators with their staff and can ensure that all issues are identified ahead of time and handled in an efficient manner. Support can occur by providing open communication and ensuring that all staff feel that they are being emotionally supported and their concerns are listened to and understood. Support for staff occurs through efficient processes whereby if there are any issues, then there is appropriate management resources to support staff in the case of them having any major issues or concerns. Support also comes through appropriate training when necessary. Describe how you will use the record keeping systems to monitor the progress of the project Gantt chart - Weeks Before Product Launch On the Day TASKS week 1 week2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 week 7 week 8 9:00am 11:00am 1:00pm 3:00pm 6:00pm 8:00pm Confirm main sponsor Confirm venue Organise project teams Contact media outlets First Advertising to be issued Organise contract teams Social Media Campaign begins Finalise arrangements with providers Organise main entertainment Begin media blitz Prepare venue Finalise last minute details Finalise venue setup Alcohol arrives and is served Entertainment begins Beginning speech Product revealed Catering and Security Final Speeches and close event Begin clean-up of venue Progress Reports Week 5: We are ahead of schedule as we have found the sponsors that we were seeking and so this means that we are able to move on to other aspects of the job including finalising the entertainment line-up.

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buy custom Sickle Cell Anemia essay

buy custom Sickle Cell Anemia essay Toddler disorders came in a variety of complications with the sickle cell anemia being one of them. Commonly referred to as the sickle cell disease, the disorder is experienced in the blood with the causative agent being an inherited hemoglobin that is abnormal. It is this abnormal hemoglobin that is responsible for the distortion of the red blood cells is a process referred to as suckling thus the name Sickle Cell. The affected cells are left fragile and easily get ruptured. As a result of the rupturing of the red blood cells, their number decreases eventually leading to anemia. It is this condition that is termed as Sickle Cell anemia. The sickled cells assume irregular shapes that can easily get the blood vessels blocked leading to tissues and organs damage which is a painful experience. Of all the anemia cases, sickle cell forms the most common blood anemia that is inherited. The disorder mainly affects toddlers and is common with African Americans and Africans. Statistics have it that approximately fifty thousand African Americans in United States are afflicted with this disorder in it most severe form (Peterson 2008). One striking feature about sickle cell is that it is inherited in a form referred to as autosomal in which the gene fail to be linked to a related sex chromosome resulting to a recessive condition where the disorder traits are inherited in an autosomal dominant trait form. Patients suffering from sickle cell are born with two genes of sickle cell each form the parents. Articles on sickle cell anemia The complexity of the disorder and increased concerns has lead to several articles being published on the diseases. Though varying in the topics being discussed, there are some striking issues that most writers cannot afford to skip. Most articles focus on the impact of the disorder in society, the most affected races and age, possible medication and care of the affected patients and further research on better means of handling and dealing with the diseases. This research paper will concentrate on some of the already published articles on Sickle Cell anemia analyzing and summarizing the authors contribution in trying to offer solutions, recommendation and possible further research. The journal of Medscape on drugs, diseases and products by Jeffrey L Arnold is tackles sickle cell anemia by breaking down the disorder into several features about the disease namely; its background, anatomy, pathaphysiology, epidemiology, prognosis and patient education. Considering its background, Jeffery regards sickle cell disease as a genetic disorder that is caused by hemoglobin that is muted in the blood and refers to this of hemoglobin as hemoglobin S (HbS). Jeffery research states that the most common type of Sickle Cell anemia is the Sickle cell disease (SCD) and its variants are genetic disorders resulting from the presence of a mutated form of hemoglobin, hemoglobin S (HbS) ( 2011). The most common form of SCD is the homozygous kind found in North America. This type of the disease results in significant mortality and morbidity to people with Mediterranean origin and Africans. Most of the individual suffering from this type of sickle cell anemia undergoes v aso-occlusive crises but they vary depending on their frequency. However, each patient has a pattern of the occurrences that is consistent. This article concentrates on this particular type of the diseases giving every single detail about it. The patients will have their bones and joints experience low pain levels that are chronic. Special cases of this type of sickle cell occur when the carriers bare both HbS allele at the same time have a HbA allele in their hemoglobin. Such patients develop resistance to the type of malaria that is caused by Plasmodium falciparum (, 2011). It is this resistance that is behind the persistence and distribution of this kind of gene in areas with malaria endemic. In other areas where malaria is not a problem like the United States, the trait poses a problem to children whose genes have both sickle cell genes from their respective parents. The article goes furher to state the period and time in which sickle cell manifest itself. The disease mainly affects the toddlers and manifests itself as early as six months old. Jeffery suggests possible means of detecting the disease in its early state by calling for the need to screen children in order to treat and control the disease in its early stages. Under anatomy, the article explains the anatomic distribution of the disease. In most cases the disease occurs mainly in the diaphyses found in the children small tubular and subchnondrium and metaphyses. In an effort to explain how the above occurrences come about, Jeffery brings out the phenomenon in which the HbS comes about as a result of mutation arising in the codon of gene chains (, 2011). The result is a polymer formation and changes in molecular and solubility stability. There are these resulting conditions that are behind the sickling syndromes. The epidemiology section has it that the disease is prone among the blacks with varying frequencies in areas around the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean. Those from central Africa are at the highest risk of experiencing renal failure. Jeffery statistical research indicates that more than eight percent of the black Americans have the sickle gene. Of all the American population, more than two million carry the gen e with most of them being from African American ancestry (, 2011). The article also takes a look at sickle cell prognosis and regards it as controlled and guarded. Its aim is to help the patients to have a life style that is close to normal and has few morbidity. In addition to the rich researched work offered in this article, it goes further to educate the patients about the disease. This is to enable them identify the disorder as early as possible so that they can seek treatment and help as prompt as they possible. The education covers the physical conditions behind the disease and the possible measures on immunization, genetic counseling and treatment. Another article on sickle cell disease is a research on the number of mortality resulting from sickle cell in a region in Africa. The article is written by Iris Schrijver from the Medicine department in Stanford University. This article is based on the World Health organization concern that Sickle Cell anemia has become a world problem with more half of the average six million births annually fail to reach teenage age because of sickle cell (, 2011). While the disorders rate has been reducing in United Kingdom and United States, the rates are rapidly increasing in most parts of Africa. This alarming situation has called for the need of implementation and interventions to check on the worrying situation. The article explains the situation in Africa as to result from the lack of appropriate information. The article is based on a research to come up with the factors and incidence of the deaths caused by Sickle Cell anemia in Dar-es-Salaam which is the capital city of Tan zania a country in East Africa. To come up with practical results, the article covers a research carried out on the ground in one of the hospitals in Dar-es-laam in the period between 2004 and 2009. The findings of the research were that most of the mortality that was recorded occurred to children less than five years. The article associates these deaths to low hemoglobin among patients and high bilirubin. The other factors are lack of information about the disease among parents and children as well as under utilization of the health facilities and survive. The article ends by suggesting further research in order to find out the pathophysiology, etiology and possible strategies of managing the disorder. On the journal on alternative treatment of sickle cell anemia by Shirley Vanderbit focuses mainly on the treatments of the toddler disorder. Sickle Cell anemia has adverse and severe body damages, pain and anemia. The article researched on the methods that have been used in the recent past including hydration, pharmacology and blood transfusions. These past methods have been facing one major challenge and that is the limited resources. It is because of this failure off the existing treatment method that led to researchers to seek better and effective treatment methods. The article features better methods that can be used to serve as alternatives to the already existing ineffective methods. Some of the alternative methods include stem cell and bone transplants. A part from the recent breakthrough in the medical field concerning treatment of the deadly sickle cell anemia, the article still gives room for new and better treatment approaches. Most of the research is being focused on the pain caused by sickle cell anemia with alternative medicine and complimentary being adopted like the nonpharmacological methods. The alternative treatment as covered in this article include acupuncture, hypnosis that are biofeed-assisted, training in cognitive behavioral, progressive relaxation and nerve stimulation that is done electrically (, 2001). This journal also identifies Africa as the origin and the most affected region. It further explains the process under which the blood cells go through to get sickled and the period in which the patients suffer from the disorder. Vanderbit comes up with an additional treatment termed as adjunctive treatment and makes use of a pilot study to demonstrate it. The study involved a team of specialists who were out in the field to find out how progressive muscle relaxation and massage therapy can be used as an adjunctive treatment to sickle cell anemia. The results of the study indicate that there is a promising affect in the use of adjunctive interventions when it comes to reducing pain caused by sickle cell anemia. Massage can also be used to ease the pain according to the study conducted (, 2001). Articles comparison The three articles mentioned above have been written by different authors, at different periods of time, covering different issues but are all addressing the same Toddler disorder. Though the articles feature different issues about sickle cell anemia, there are similar issues that stood out in all the three articles. All the articles never failed to mention possible treatment methods and researches to find even better treatment methods. It is clear from the articles that Africa is the most affected region with the Africans and African Americans standing out as the most affected by the disease (Peterson, 2008). The articles also made it clear that the toddlers are the mostly affected by the disorder and that proper and better treatment and care methods should be researched on in order control the alarming rate. The process by which the hemoglobin in blood cells get sickled is also explained in the articles in order to make it easy for the researchers to understand the disease more. It is evident from the articles that there are still other better treatment methods that are yet to be discovered as each article had its own method or methods. Conclusion The severity of sickle cell anemia and the diversity of its impact in society pose the biggest challenge to every member of the society. It is this situation that calls for more research to be conducted in this medical field. The research should be concentrated on drugs to treat the disease. Possible break through include the development of laboratory mice that serve as specimens for testing new sickle cell treatment. Bone marrow transplantation has gained popularity in the recent past but it has its own limitations. The marrow used has to be from a sibling donor that is healthy matched and also the process involves many risks. A number of drugs are currently under research and are expected to reduce sickle cell complications. These drugs include; decitabine, hydroxyurea and butyrate which increase the fetal levels of hemoglobin. Other promising drugs include, Clotrimazole, Nitric oxide and L-arginine (Peterson, M., (2008). Great medical progresses are currently in progress to try re ducing the serous complications associated with sickle cell anemia and improve individuals survival. However, there is more still to be done to come up with new treatments to improve further the quality of life of those affected by the disease. Buy custom Sickle Cell Anemia essay

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Corporate Finance Investment Banker Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Corporate Finance Investment Banker - Essay Example The age of globalization has also opened up new paths for this career. My multi-lingual abilities can prove invaluable in the area of foreign investment when dealing with contractors and clients in differing areas of the world. My interest in the cultures of other countries will aid me in researching the policies, laws, and business traditions necessary to cooperate anywhere on the globe. These talents will be especially valuable as I become involved with international mergers and acquisitions. The dynamic market conditions of China make it particularly suitable as an environment to do business in and I plan to expand with it in the coming years. I hope to become a point of contact for the mutual cooperation between Chinese corporations and industries from around the world. Being a Corporate Investment Banker also has a more pragmatic side that lends itself to the ability to work well with other people. Decisions are often based on consensus and it is important to enlist the support of all participating parties. I possess the insight required to bring together differing viewpoints and am able to offer unique solutions that satisfy the requirements of the interests of everyone involved. This is important when trying to balance the client's requests with the fiscal responsibility you have to senior officials. A failure to accommodate all concerns can result in a poorly budgeted project or missing a deadline for a key decision. It requires the thorough examination of the various facets of the problem to be able to offer a unique solution to a complicated problem in a timely fashion. The talent to solve problems is centered on my talent for paying attention to the details and being thoroughly organized. I meticulously plan projects and anticipate any possible problems or areas that may place the outcome in jeopardy.